Aerial View of Inner Harbour and Vancouver


Wrapping up this weekend on another high note was my flight back to beautiful Victoria. I boarded on the seaplane in Richmond which is across the river plus a few more steps to my parent’s house. Growing up listening to the sound of these seaplanes take off everyday and being woken up countless times in the summer when the windows of my room were opened, I can’t believe it has taken me 18 years to get on one! Nothing beats flying on a beautiful clear blue sky kinda day. I immediately asked to take the co-pilot seat in the cockpit (something i learned i could do when i flew to Vancouver on Friday) and oh my! was the view breathtaking flying over the gulf islands. It amazes me how many small islands there are between the mainland and Vancouver Island and they are almost as gorgeous as the Hawaiian islands.

The first few pictures were taken on Friday when I flew to Vancouver Harbour.









Finally a huge congratulations to my friend Janet & Kevin for tying the knot this weekend!




One thought on “Aerial View of Inner Harbour and Vancouver

  1. Haha, I used to jog by the dyke and watch the planes and the food at flying beaver is not bad – so relaxing watching the planes take off on a clear summer day. Was there last weekend watching sunrise. Always planned to do a day trip via those cessnas. Someday for sure 🙂 . Hawaii’s also on my list. Damn those Irish cream blueberry muffins look so damn good on my news feed. Can we have a bake together someday?

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