Variations on Kale

Being a busy week that it has been so far, it’s important to have a few quick & healthy meals in mind. Yesterday, I swung by the grocery store on my way home from work and picked up some organic red kale. This leafy green vegetable is super nutritious, packed with anti-oxidants – Vitamin A, C and K, and rich in calcium. It’s so versatile that you can eat it raw or blanch it in water for a minute or two before serving.

Tuesday Night – My spin on the Loco Moco – a local Hawaiian favourite consisting of white rice, a hamburger patty, a fried egg, topped with gravy and Spam. Here’s my version – a garden patty (brown rice, cheese, nuts) – from Costco, and a fried egg on a bed of kale, cherry tomatoes and celery topped with capers, roasted sesame and my home-made tahini sauce (recipe below).


Wednesday Night – My version of a vegan Jambalaya with Kale, Quinoa and Tofu. The quinoa is red from the tomato paste that i added to the boiling water (trick from a friend to enhance the taste & colour). I pan-fried a few slices of tofu and threw it all together on a bed of kale after I had blanched in water for 2 minutes.


My sauce consists of: Tahini, lemon juice, cumin, sesame oil, oilve oil, salt and white pepper.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now invent your own Kale Variation and share away!


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