Chef Dad

Hello everyone! What a beautiful weekend in Vancouver. Had a wonderful time catching up with some of my gfs and also had the rare opportunity to make it to a high school reunion party.
It was actually hosted at my high school English teacher’s home as it was his birthday. He was my favorite teacher back then and I’m still so grateful to be in touch with him after all these years.
Here are some pictures from the party. His band – A.S.S – the After School Special was… gravitating. LOL.




Sunday afternoon – Chef dad taught me how to make these Shanghainese onion pancake that he perfected last month after repeated trial & error over the years. I must say they were perfect and better than any I’ve tried at Shanghainese restaurants.

Sunday morning brunch with my sister & dad. Here are some of my favorite Chinese ‘dim sum’ dishes – a typical lunch eaten at a Chinese restaurant. Yes…some Chinese retirees do indeed have dim sum everyday. No wonder Chinese Canadians now have the fastest growing rate of diabetes.
You can think of dim sum like Tapas of the Spanish. Small dishes that usually come in multiples for sharing. They pair well with Jasmine or Oolong tea as it is supposed to cleanse your body from all the deep-fried foods. 20130602-180901.jpgEggplant stuffed with Shrimp Paste

20130602-180911.jpgTaro pastry – me and my dad’s fav

20130602-181009.jpgeveryone’s fav spring roll
To wrap up this weekend post, I’d like to share with you a lovely random quote I saw outside a bakery in Vancouver
Coconut is like the dark side of Vanilla

Welcome to the dark side if you are currently as addicted to coconut as I am! Have a great week ahead!


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