The petals have fallen


I’ve met some amazing girlfriends in the last little while and one of the repeating topics of discussion was letting go of our past. In a snippet, I came to the following conclusion:

* no matter what your friends tell you, ie. things like ‘you must block him off Facebook and delete him’, or ‘you know it wasn’t meant to be’, each of us have our own timeline when it comes to moving on. listen and trust your own gut feelings, because they’re always right. in other words, the blatant truth is that Denial is your biggest enemy.

* some people manage to stay in touch and be friends after a break-up. it doesn’t work for everyone, and needless to say, though i did try really hard to maintain our friendship, i was the one that was suffering from trying too hard to be friends again. it held me back when i could’ve moved on sooner.

* some of us are afraid that we’ll never be able to find someone again. the thought of being alone for the rest of our lives is scary. who wants to die alone? but i think that if we focus on finding ourselves again, whether it be getting fit, or signing up for something that you never got around to doing, we’ll find ourselves becoming more amazing. And in doing so, we will attract similarly amazing people in our lives!


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